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Traditional rocking horse and helps with balance and muscle development. Made from high quality Beech and fully tested to European standards, this product is suitable for children age 12 Months +. It is also 100% FSC certified Beech and tested to EN71 standards so it is safe and durable for your child to play with.


THINKING SKILLS – Figuring out how things work is one of the best parts of play. Simple challenges to more challenging ones can help in this area. Thinking Skills are mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organise information and create objects.

SHAPE RECOGNITION – Learning about the different shapes that exist not only broadens their knowledge of shapes but helps develop their fine motor skills as well as spacial recognition.

PROBLEM SOLVING – Figuring out how things work are one of the best parts of play. Simple challenges to more challenging ones can help in this area.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS -By role-playing, and interacting with others through play, children can begin to develop their communication skills and start to understand social interaction in a better way.

SOCIAL SKILLS -Feeling confident about yourself and being able to share your thoughts are essential to children’s development. Play can naturally do that.

CREATIVITY – Using their imagination and creativity can assist children to see the world in a new way. This helps them to become great thinkers.

HAND TO EYE COORDINATION – Teaches grasping and holding skills which leads to success in school and beyond.
SPORTS – Hand eye co-ordination can help your child to catch a ball and hit a ball with a bat.
HANDWRITING – Visual-motor integration, which is a vital skill for handwriting, grows out of a good hand-eye co-ordination base. The eyes need to guide the hand in forming the letters and making sure they stay within the lines.
READING – Eye tracking skills, which are vital for reading, can be developed through games and activities used for hand eye coordination.
PLAY AND LIFE SKILLS – Young children use this skill in learning to stack towers, build with bricks etc, and we even use hand eye coordination to tie shoelaces and frost cakes.


For over 39 years, EverEarth has been a global leader in the design, supply and manufacture of inventive wooden toys and gifts.
We use this strength to promote environmental care and sustainability in all we do, so that our world will be vibrant and full of life, well into the future. Because of this, we are proactive in our use of safe materials and green manufacturing. We are proud to say our carbon footprint is dramatically lower than many other factories and we truly ‘tread lightly’ as we live and work.
Our intricately crafted wooden toys are not only a creative and wonderful addition to playtime, they’re safe, too. We stringently test everything that reaches your child’s hands to an international standard, as well as producing the kind of quality toys to be proud of.


SIMPLICITY – We make things simple so you don’t have to. From concept to consumer, we are right there working with you every step of the way.
SAFETY – When it comes to children we don’t take safety lightly. All of our products are put through the most stringent internal testing, as well as through third party industry approved testing labs such as BV, SGS, Intertek, etc.
QUALITY – We guarantee our craftsmanship and take pride in our work. All products that leave our production floor have gone through rigorous quality control checks at multiple levels.
ENVIRONMENTALLY CARING MATERIALS – We take pride in being proactive when it comes to using materials that are safe for our environment. In addition to using the safest materials, we are continually striving to improve our manufacturing processes.


Join us in our initiative to plant one tree for every toy we sell! We have recently established an FSC certified forest and vow to plant one tree for every product that is purchased and registered on our site. Please visit to find out more.
We are the only Global toy manufacturer who owns its own FSC Certified forest.
When you purchase an EverEarth toy we will plant a tree for your child in our forest.
We will then send you a certificate for your child to keep and cherish demonstrating that they have planted a tree and helped the environment.
Our forest is over 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) in size.
We educate the villagers who live and work in the forest, providing training on Forestry Management, Modern Growing Techniques, Water and Soil Protection, Fire Proofing and the use of solar energy.

To plant your tree simply visit our website

With our own forest we have an abundance supply of natural resources and better control of our supply control chain. All of the while applying sustainable practices.


To clean your product, use mild soap and water on a damp cloth. Do not use any window cleaners or cleaning abrasives as they will scratch the surface and could damage the protective coating.


Some of the fixings are a choking hazard to young children.

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